Here are the answers to the essential questions.

  • A web presence is essential for any business looking to establish itself. Nowadays, the majority of people will information and form an opinion online. The foundation of a good web strategy is a successful website. The customers have multiple points of contact with your business: traditional ads, friends, Google, social networks... Sometimes, we only see the final point of contact, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the others. Your website can be your major point of contact contact point or an excellent lever to conversion.

  • This is a very common question and there is no single answer. The answer varies depending on the business objectives, the industry the scope of the content and the requirements in terms of design and functionality. In general, the investment ranges from 3,0000DA to 12,0000DA. A tailor-made website that really meets your needs starts at 5,00000 DA .

  • We make websites in ASP.NET and others in PHP. But for websites based on CMS like Wordpress and Joomla. Wordpress is the most used CMS in the world to build a website. We favor it for several reasons:

    1. It is a very flexible and easy to use CMS for our customers
    2. It is a system that allows us to ensure a good user experience for the visitors of the site but also for the people who will be in charge of maintaining people who will be in charge of maintaining the site
    3. This allows our customers to take control of their site without any problems. We like to see them happy and free to choose us to choose us as a partner, without being constrained by technological reasons.

  • -TECH is first and foremost a full-fledged know-how in terms of website creation. We focus on the design of We focus on the design of websites or applications that perfectly meet the needs and ambitions of our clients.

  • The importance of IT in a company is no longer in question. It allows not only to make good decisions at the right time, but also to save time. To succeed in computerization, it is advisable to choose good hardware and software and to ensure a regular technological watch. Here are the basic steps to follow to computerize your company.

    • Define the needs of the company
    • Investing in equipment
    • Rent or buy software
    • Train workers to use the software
    • Equipments maintenance
  • As you can see, the creation of a mobile app can have many advantages, provided of course that you have the use of it with your customers. Properly designed and adapted to your customers, a mobile application could simply boost your sales and your business communication. Once you have your mobile application idea in mind, all you have to do is to develop it! If you need serious and experienced developers to do this, you can trust the Access Com' team. Our developers are indeed able to design a custom web application for you, whether for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. If you are looking for a quote for the development of an App or if you simply want to discuss your idea with communication professionals, do not hesitate to contact us!

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